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Me, Hannah

Hi! My name is Hannah, and I am a young girl who loves to talk to others, and have my own blog site! :) I have many hobbies, such as Acting, Singing, Dancing, Playing Softball, Playing Baseball, Swimming, Playing with Friends, and Blogging to you!

The History or Story Behind My Site

The history of this blog site is just me loving to write, type, and chat with others and answer problems that you may have. Don't you have a hobby that you love to do and that you love it so much that you do it all the time? Writing and Tying is a habbit that I cannot, and probably will never stop.


This website is recomended for 8+, and children under 8 will most likely not understand the words because they are too young. We do not use bad language on this site, it is checked almost every day!

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