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Marco Island

July 12, 2010

Isn't Summer Vacay great? Sno-Cone cups littered on the floor by children, The Scolding hot Sun giving you annoying sun burns and peeling problems, Relaxing on the beach, and being  covered in sand by a child or sibling, and burning yourself on the 4th of July fireworks, and Barbaques! Anyways, I have a Condo in Marco Island about a half mile away from the beach, and it is beautiful! What are you doing this summer?
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My Father, Dr. Andrew Ellowitz

June 20, 2010

Since today is Father's Day, I thought I'd blog about my Dad for an interesting post. My Dad is a wonderful man, and he loves to play sports. My Dad is an Orthopedic Surgeon, (he fixes bones), and if you know anybody who has a broken bone, or needs Physical Therapy, go to my Dad's website to make an appointmant with him in his office, go to and get your bones fixed! P.S. The Question for this post is who is your Dad, and what does he like to do, and his job!

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Rocky Series- The BEST Movies!

June 19, 2010

I recently watched Rocky IV on the television because my mom saw that it was playing and told my brother and I that the series are like the BEST series, so i had to watch it! So, we watched it, and my brother and I fell in love with the movie. About a week later, we went to Costco to shop for powder, and we got the whole Rocky Movies in one box, plus a bonus disc. Anyways, we watched Rocky I, and it was the best one out of all. When we went to Orlando, we brought our Bluray player, but forgot our remote, and there was a play button on the machine, but it doen't work apparantly, os we couldn't watch the second one, but we saw the second one when we got home. First Qestion. Is that fair? Having to forget your Bluray remote, and the play button on the machine doesn't work? We got up to 4, and we are seeing the 5th, and maybe even 6th tonight. P.S. What is your favorite Rocky Movie? Also, if you have no idea what the Rocky Series are, go to, and they have gifts, pictures, videos, and... [More]


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June 19, 2010

Hello! My first blog post... anyways... I go to FLCT for summer camp, (which stands for Fort Lauderdale Children's Theater) and we are doing two shows for the parents, and some schools in about a month. (July 9th) The shows are Mulan, and Jungle Book. I was casted Mushu the dragon in Mulan. Mushu is a dragon who is a funny, hilarious, troublemaker. At the theater, I have never been a lead in a play before. I was previously in Cinderella, and I was Jaq the mouse. (The leader of the mice group) I went to go study my lines for Mushu, and  I went to type them up on my Toshiba Laptop, and it ended up to be three pages of lines with one space in between. Also, i have two songs, and another song that I have, like, ten solos in!!!!!! I hope I can memorize all of my lines within a week. Please comment!!!!!
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